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Associate Professor, 
Departments of Biochemistry, Bacteriology, Chemical and Biological Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

B.S. Stanford University

Ph.D. California Institute of Technology

Interests: Emergent properties of complex biological networks and strategies for control


Yu-Yu Cheng

Assistant Scientist 

B.S. National Taiwan University

Ph.D. Rice University

Interests: Horizontal gene transfer in microbial communities


Jordy Sulaiman

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.E. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)


Interests: Ecology and evolution of human gut pathogens 


Erin Ostrem Loss

Research Associate (Postdoc)

Genome Sciences Postdoctoral Trainee

B.S. University of Iowa
Ph.D University of Wisc

Interests: Ecological stability in the gut microbiome

Hanhyeok Im - BW.jpg

Hanyheok Im

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S. Seoul National University
Ph.D Seoul National University

Interests: Deciphering interactions between gut microbes using synthetic biology

Eloi Martinez-Rabert

Eloi Martinez-Rabert

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S., M.S. Autonomous University of Barcelona

Ph.D University of Glasgow

Interests: Microbial community engineering and understanding control of community assembly


Claire Palmer

Research Associate (Postdoc)

USDA NIFA Postdoctoral Fellowship

B.A. Wesleyan University

M.A. Wesleyan University

Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin

Interests: Engineering microbial communities to control plant phenotypes


Job Grant

Lab Manager 

B.S. University of South Carolina

Ph.D. University of South Carolina

Interests: Lab manager


Tyson Wheelwright

Graduate student, Biomedical Engineering

B.S. Brigham Young University

Interests: Prediction and design of the human gut microbiome


Julie DuClos

Graduate Student, Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology 


B.S. Colorado School of Mines

NIH Biotechnology Training Program Fellowship

Interests: Interactions between host and gut microbiota


Bryce Connors

Graduate student, Chemical & Biological Engineering

B.S. University of Rhode Island

Interests: Controllability, stability and functional landscapes of microbial consortia

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Wenbo Lu

Graduate student, Biochemistry

B.S. University of Washington

Interests: Synthetic biology and computational modeling of metabolic pathways and microbial communities


Madeline Hayes

Graduate student, Microbiology 

B.S. Colorado State University

Interests: Design of microbial communities for bioenergy applications, resistance to invasion by pathogens


Yiyi Liu

Graduate student, Chemical & Biological Engineering

B.S. University of Minnesota

Interests: In situ engineering of microbiomes


Yifei Ren

Graduate student, Biophysics 

B.S. Nanjing Agricultural University

Interests: High-throughput approaches for characterizing microbial interactions


Jaron Thompson

Graduate student, Chemical & Biological Engineering

B.S. Colorado State University

Interests: Data driven models to guide microbial community engineering and experimental design


Pak Lun Kevin Cheung

Graduate student, Electrical & Computer Engineering

B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Computational modeling of microbiomes 


Tyler Ross

Masters student, Biomedical Engineering

B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Single-cell behaviors using tools from machine learning


Wenxuan Dong

Graduate student, Biophysics

B.S., M.S. China Agricultural University

Interests: Synthetic microbial communities and bile acid metabolism in the human gut microbiome



Yili Qian

Scientist at Bristol Myers Squibb

Freeman Lan

Assistant Prof. of BioE at U of Toronto

Jun Feng

Scientist at DMC Biotechnologies

Ryan Clark 

Senior Scientist at Nimble Therapeutics 

Joshua Hamilton

Data Scientist at Federation Bio


Xinyun Cao

Postdoc, Landick Lab (UW-Madison)

Graduate students

Susan Hromada

Scientist II at Nimble Therapeutics

Sonali Gupta 


Jin Wen Tan

Research Associate at Metagenomi


Zhengyi Chen

Ph.D. student in Quantitative & Chemical Biology at Vanderbilt


Sarah Ertmer

Process Engineer at Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Harman Dewantoro

Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Minnesota


Ryan H Hsu

M.D./Ph.D. student at University of California-San Diego

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