Assistant Professor, 
Departments of Biochemistry, Bacteriology and Chemical and Biological Engineering

B.S. Stanford University

Ph.D. California Institute of Technology

Yu-Yu Cheng

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S. National Taiwan University

Ph.D. Rice University

Interests: Horizontal gene transfer in microbial communities

Jun Feng

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S. Xi’an Jiaotong University
Ph.D Nankai University

Interests: Next-generation microbial therapeutics, design of microbial consortia for biomanufactering

Freeman Lan

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S. University of Toronto
Ph.D University of California San Francisco

Interests: Top-down approaches for studying horizontal gene transfer in complex microbial communities

Erin Ostrem Loss

Research Associate (Postdoc)

Genome Sciences Postdoctoral Trainee

B.S. University of Iowa
Ph.D University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Ecological stability in the gut microbiome

Yili Qian

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S. Purdue University

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Interests: Synthetic biology approaches to controlling microbiomes

Bryce Connors

Graduate student, Chemical & Biological Engineering

B.S. University of Rhode Island

Interests: Controllability, stability and functional landscapes of microbial consortia

Sonali Gupta

Graduate Student, Biophysics

B.S. New College of Florida
NIH Molecular Biophysics Training Program

Interests: Spatiotemporal behaviors of microbial communities

Madeline Hayes

Graduate student, Microbiology 

B.S. Colorado State University

Interests: Design of microbial communities for bioenergy applications, resistance to invasion by pathogens

Susan Hromada

Graduate Student, Microbiology

B.S. Calvin College
NIH Biotechnology Training Program

Interests: Resilience of microbiomes to invasion by pathogens and antibiotics

Yiyi Liu

Graduate student, Chemical & Biological Engineering

B.S. University of Minnesota

Interests: In situ engineering of microbiomes

Wenbo Lu

Graduate student, Biochemistry

B.S. University of Washington

Interests: Synthetic biology and computational modeling of metabolic pathways and microbial communities

Jaron Thompson

Graduate student, Chemical & Biological Engineering

B.S. Colorado State University

Interests: Data driven models to guide microbial community engineering and experimental design

Tyler Ross

Research Intern

B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Single-cell behaviors using tools from machine learning

Zhengyi Chen

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Engineering bacteria to sense environmental signals

Undergraduate student,
Biochemistry and Computer Science

Sarah Ertmer

Undergraduate student, 
Chemical & Biological Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Environmental control of complex communities 


Ryan Clark - Nimble Therapeutics 

Jin Wen Tan - Metagenomi

Ryan H HsuUC San Diego M.D./Ph.D.
Xinyun (Sherry) CaoPostdoc, Landick Lab (UW-Madison)
Joshua HamiltonFederation Bio