Assistant Professor, 
Departments of Biochemistry, Bacteriology and Chemical and Biological Engineering

B.S. Stanford University

Ph.D. California Institute of Technology

Ryan Clark

Research Associate (Postdoc), Genome Sciences Postdoctoral Traineeship

B.S. Ohio State

Ph.D.University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Prediction and Design of Functional Microbial Communities

Yu-Yu Cheng

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S. National Taiwan University

Ph.D. Rice University

Interests: Horizontal gene transfer in microbial communities

Jun Feng

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S. Xi’an Jiaotong University
Ph.D Nankai University

Interests: Next-generation microbial therapeutics, design of microbial consortia for biomanufactering

Freeman Lan

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S. University of Toronto
Ph.D University of California San Francisco

Interests: Top-down approaches for studying horizontal gene transfer in complex microbial communities

Erin Ostrem Loss

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S. University of Iowa
Ph.D University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Ecological stability in the gut microbiome

Yili Qian

Research Associate (Postdoc)

B.S. Purdue University

Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Interests: Synthetic biology approaches to controlling microbiomes

Bryce Connors

Graduate student, Chemical & Biological Engineering

B.S. University of Rhode Island

Interests: Controllability, stability and functional landscapes of microbial consortia

Sonali Gupta

Graduate Student, Biophysics

B.S. New College of Florida
NIH Molecular Biophysics Training Program

Interests: Spatiotemporal behaviors of microbial communities

Madeline Hayes

Graduate student, Microbiology 

B.S. Colorado State University

Interests: Design of microbial communities for bioenergy applications, resistance to invasion by pathogens

Susan Hromada

Graduate Student, Microbiology

B.S. Calvin College
NIH Biotechnology Training Program

Interests: Resilience of microbiomes to invasion by pathogens and antibiotics

Yiyi Liu

Graduate student, Chemical & Biological Engineering

B.S. University of Minnesota

Interests: In situ engineering of microbiomes

Wenbo Lu

Graduate student, Biochemistry

B.S. University of Washington

Interests: Synthetic biology and computational modeling of metabolic pathways and microbial communities

Jaron Thompson

Graduate student, Chemical & Biological Engineering

B.S. Colorado State University

Interests: Data driven models to guide microbial community engineering and experimental design

Jin Wen Tan

Masters student, Bacteriology

B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: High-throughput methods to study microbial interaction networks

Tyler Ross

Research Intern

B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Single-cell behaviors using tools from machine learning

Zhengyi Chen

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Engineering bacteria to sense environmental signals

Undergraduate student,
Biochemistry and Computer Science

Sarah Ertmer

Undergraduate student, 
Chemical & Biological Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Interests: Environmental control of complex communities 


Ryan H Hsu - UC San Diego M.D./Ph.D.
Xinyun (Sherry) Cao - 
Postdoc, Landick Lab (UW-Madison)
Joshua Hamilton - Federation Bio


Department of Biochemistry
3204C Biochemical Sciences Building
440 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706


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